AAM Verification

To be verified or not to be ….. never mind. So what is our Advert AM (AAM) verification? It is something which is designed to provides some peace of mind for our service users i.e. the “customer” that the “businesses” providing the marketing and advertising services have communicated with us about their legitimacy. If a user of our site see’s that an agency if verified, they will know that the Verification Procedure outlined below has been followed. 

*** Disclaimer***

*** DisclaimerThe AAM verification is not a guarantee of services provided by the agencies. As the potential customer of these agencies, YOU must decide whether the agency is legitimate and the service offered match your requirements and expectations. We are not accountable for any misinformation given to you by the business posted on Advert.am as we are just a directory site and nothing more do we are not liable for any losses or damages caused by the business shown on our site as a result of you an them partaking in any services or agreements. See our terms and conditions for more information.

Verification Procedure

1 - Outreach

We email the company as a potential client via the shown contact email on their site. If no response after 72 hours we then call, if no repsonse after 3 calls we DONT verify

2 - Service Check

If step 1 is a success, we then ask them to list their services, these are the same services we will update on our directories. If any service they state doesnt match their site, we DONT verify

3 - Co-operation

If step 2 s a success, we then ask the company for a co-operation with Advert.am. This means that they wish to be verified and all information shown at the time of verification is accurate.


If step 3 is a success, then they are verified!