About Advert.am

Welcome to Advert.am! On this page you will find out who we are, what our aims are and remedies for any questions you may have.

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Advert.am is not a marketing company or advertising agency, we are a directory and choice tool to help consolidate all the fantastic companies in Armenia offering advertising and marketing-related services.

We want to boost the industry in Armenia and also make the agencies here more accessible to not only Armenians, but to Non-Armenians too.

There are over 30 active agencies operating in Armenia all offering innovative and tailored solutions for your needs.

This is simple, our aim to be as fair and impartial as possible. We are a directory site which offers business to also promote their brand (a paid service but any promotions or featured businesses listed on Advert.am will clearly be labeled as such.

As Armenia is rapidly developing, some of the internet-infrastructure is still not in place to allow consumers easy access to the choices they have. We are here to bridge that gap as much as possible.

We encourage all users of our service to read our terms and conditions.

If you have any complaints about our services or feel your business has been inaccurately or unfairly portrayed or if you wish to add or remove your marketing company from our directory, please see our terms and conditions page first and contact us here.